WHO IS Beth Vandal?

Beth Vandal is breaking all the rules....and her fans are loving every minute.  Not to be held to one genre of music, her originals are ballads for broken hearts and rock with a flavor of punk. 

Beth began her career as a talented teen, working with punk  bands where she was inevitably the sole female.  She fronted a band in her early teens that played to community fairs, then moved on to develop a group called Outnumbered, named for the ratio of 3 males to 1 female.  Her first original recordings were sponsored and produced by Sean Patrick Kennedy, President of Cliffhanger Entertainment. 

Beth began playing local venues in 2010 with Judy Soto, a talented local performer, as the duo Beth and Judy.  All along Beth continued to write and compose her own music, and while playing covers paid the bills, she wanted more out her career.  Her introduction to the social media of Facebook and YouTube was made by friend Adam the Woo.  Beth appeared first on one of Adam's videos entitled Gatorland, and wrote a catchy song to accompany the video.  Stirred on by the popularity of Adam's videos, and the positive feedback from fans, she began her own YouTube channel producing funny videos such as Kitty, Kitty, Kitty and Leprechaun which both included original songs.  She began to post covers to her site, along with a few originals.  In 2012 a local entertainment magazine requested an interview and did an extensive photo shoot at Lake Eola, Orlando FL.  This grabbed the attention of a national talent  show, Raw Artists, and they requested she play at the Orlando chapter's August 2012 show. She was working on her first release "Kick-Off" at the time.  In November 2012 she was asked back to compete at RaWards for the Orlando Musician of the Year award. Up  against extremely talented and seasoned musicians, Beth performed her most popular originals, "Go On", "Shame", and "Loser",  walking away with the top award of Orlando's Raw Artists Musician of the Year 2012.

Currently working on her second album with Joe Rodriguez, a current member of the new wave band and Grammy winning A Flock of Seagulls, she is planning on gaining a strong fan base across the state.  Her plans are for a tour along the eastern coast of Florida later this year.  JUST RELEASED: MEMORY (PUT BACK TOGETHER) DOWNLOAD NOW ON CD BABY.  Video released September 2014 at the Enzian Film Slam.

If you are searching for vocalists, particularly female singers who are also a guitar player, or cover bands, contact www.booking@bethvandalmusic.com.


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Beth Vandal

Along with songwriting and performing, Beth also has a penchant for silliness and has produced several comedic videos and parodies that are available for viewing on her youtube.com/bethvandalchannel.  https://www.facebook.com/bethvandal